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Softly she whispers
Wake up… wake up
Her eyes open slowly as she rubs her paws against her face and yawns gently. Her long ears flick around as the echoes all around her consume her mind. She gets up just to sit back down and close her eyes. The breeze moves her hair against her face and it tickles her nose. Her ears lay back as she quietly cries and moves behind a tree. Her body slides against the bark as it softly strays against the cottony textures of her fur. Her stomach folds up as the smell of old leaves fall from the trees. The breeze moves her again. The fur on her face and tail pushes and pulls against the cold spattered air. She sighs softly and cannot open her soaking eyes.
Help me…
She slowly lifts her jittering body up to all four. Her legs shake and shiver down to her toes. She curls up her paws for a second sniffling then brings it to her face. She tries to hide her misery from the no ones that are there. Slowly limping into her darkened home she reaches for Woofie, this thing that has saved her many times. It seemed so real, feeling this coldness, this dryness…again, again. She brushes woofie against her dripping cheeks. Woofie's fur gets damp and tumbled.
Help me…
Lights flicker in front of her face as she bats them away with hostility. She rolls over and leans against the dense wall. She tries to feel the warmth from it as her memories shift in her head, like waves of the ocean. They hit her rapidly. The feeling becomes harder and harder each time. It rings. Her stomach winds up and sucks in as she pulls Woofie closer.
You are all I want Woofie…
Help me…
She passes away.
This is a story about Woofie.

It expresses how i often feel.

I will open critique, but do not crit on grammer please
id rather just hear your interpretation of the story.

Negative comments are not appreciated

This is vent.
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TaMarchingTomahawk Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student General Artist
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Schuffles Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
TaMarchingTomahawk Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student General Artist
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